Feet First!

Your care is our priority! Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic provides comprehensive care of the foot and ankle.

Dr. Anthony Valenti

Dr. Gregory Still

Dr. Raquel Litherland

About Us

Our practice has served the Wheat Ridge and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our providers have over 45 years of combined private practice experience. We have your foot and ankle care needs covered!

Common Conditions We Treat


Gout is a disorder that results from the buildup of uric acid in the tissues or a joint. 


Bunion deformities are one of the most common foot problems that podiatrists encounter.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis. This condition is one of the most common conditions that our office treats.

Diabetic Foot Care

All our physicians are highly experienced in managing foot problems related to Diabetes.